Punky's Pixels

Born in 2021 in the middle of a global pandemic, Punky’s Pixels had an idea to create something special for the Cincinnati Audio/Visual scene.   Although Punky’s is only newly in the game, that doesn’t mean owner Matty Wagenlander hasn’t been around awhile.   Having worked for his father Clay Wagenlander (Pebble Creek Group) for the last 18 years, Matty owes all of his success to his late father.  Clay “Punky” Wagenlander passed away in May of 2021 and that was the start of Punky’s Pixels.

The relationships Punky and Matty established over the last 20 years paved the way for Punky’s Pixels to be a mainstay in the Cincinnati Live Event business for years to come.

Whether it’s a concert, live entertainment, corporate event,  fundraiser, or live action movie starring the greatest actor of all time, Nicolaus Cage, Punky’s Pixels can help your live event be something magical.

Let’s get Punky!!!